Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet the Candidate

It's Spring in Liberty Township and its been sometime since I've made a post to this Blog. It is time to get back into the groove and start getting my discipline back. We just had a really successful meeting last night at the Liberty Township Freshman School. Over 200 Butler County residents attended a jointly sponsored meeting of the Butler County Tea Parties led by the Liberty Township Tea Party. It was a "Meet the Candidates" night. We had six candidates for the position of County Commisioner. This is a really contested seat as there is only one seat open. And we had one candidate for the position of County Auditor on the dias. Also present were candidates for the Precint Executive position. All of the candidates that came were Republicans, Democrats were invited but did not attend. Their loss as the evening was very informative. The format was fast paced and each candidate got an equal opportunity to have their say on each issue. The questioning started out with some preplanned questions from the Patriot Council but was soon opened up to the audiance. There was a camera crew and a reporter from Television Channel Fox 19 and Josh Schweigart from the Pulse Journal was there as well. Other media may have been present but did not introduce themselves to me. I apologize if I did not get their names. This was a real accomplishment for our group. The event was well attended, it was well done, the candidates were pleased, the public was pleased and we were all better off from attending. The Liberty Township Tea Party has come a long way in a short time.

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