Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall - Time to Move to New Stage

The events of the summer are past us.  The VOA and DC Rally were huge hits and the fight for Health Care reform is in full gear.  It's time for us to move into a new focus that is more issue oriented than we have been in the past.  We have established ourselves, our comittees are starting to form, our meetings are familiar to our members and people now generally know who and what we are.  The time is ripe to get down to the real business of what we are really about and that is educating ourselves and others on what the issues are and what can be done about them.  This is the real "red meat" of the Tea Parties!  The Liberty Township Board is working well.  We understand each other and we have a good understanding of the issues and of our members.  We are always open to what our members have to say and we always have an open dialog period in each meeting to ensure that the members voices are heard.  We have no intention of this being a top down organization, our intention has always been that this will be an organization that the members will drive the direction of the agenda.  We certainly have much to do.  The Health Care Reform bill will dominate the agenda for some time.  We have Cap and Trade to deal with.  We have the expiration of the Bush Tax cuts.  We have all the energy issues, immigration and all the other issues on this administrations shopping list that we will have to address.  Not to be left out are the Czars, the corruption of individual representitives, lack of transparancy, not delivering on campaign promises, and many more issues to many to enumerate here.  Suffice to say our plate is full.  But, our group is ready for the challenge and up to the task.  The stakes are high.  It is time to take a stand.  We owe our country and our children this.