Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VOA - DC Over! Time To Get On With Building the Movement!

The Voice of America Rally on September 5th was a huge success!  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the Patriots were out in force even if the media was hiding in the shadows.  The crowd was estimated to be 18,000 but that was the high end estimate.  The Cincinnati Enquirer had it at 6000 but that number was soon discredited and the paper provided a very lame retraction the following day.  In the end the crowd was clearly above 10,000 and probably somewhere near 13 to 15 thousand give or take when all was said and done.  People were coming and going all day long.  It was the opening day of college football and the Ohio State game delayed some people but by 3:00 PM the crowd was in full swing.  The speakers were all great! The crowd was great and all-in-all the day exceeded all expectations.  Liberty Township was very well represented.  We had an opening March in with over 100 people that made a big splash and statement! Our booth was busy all day and we even got to distribute our flyer on the Health Care proposal.  Not to mention that we had a volunteer staff of over 75 people working all day long in a variety of tasks behind the scenes.  It was a pretty good day for a Community Group that is only two months old.  We also picked up a many new members.  Great Day!

Then on Septermber 12th along comes the March on Washington.  I had a pretty busy weekend so I did not directly get to catch much of the news as it was happening but as I was on the road I did see a couple of the busess heading to Washington and  and on my way home from a wedding in Pennsylvania I did see some of the participants coming back.  From the little that I did get to view it appeared that it was a great event and a huge success but once again ignored by the media and denied by the administration.  Pretty much par for the course.  I did hear that it was one of the most orderly and polite crowds to ever demonstrate in Washington and when it was over there was not a speck of garbage left by the demonstrators.  No left behind placards, no water bottles, no trash. no nothing.  Speaks a lot of who we are. 

So now we are back to our regular meeting schedule and hopefully these big events are behind us and we can get down to the hard work of focusing on building this organization.  We need to focus.  The big stuff is fun, but it is time for the hard stuff.  Because if we are to make a difference it is going to be one person at a time, house by house, neighbor by neighbor, neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town, city by city, state by state.  We have a long way to go.

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