Monday, July 20, 2009

Moving Along - Let the Party Begin!

Here it is a week has past and it is time to plan the next meeting. We are having our Tea Party's every two weeks at least until we get the neighborhood groups built. We have a big task ahead, our first election cycle is really not that far away. We are really not thinking of November here in July but it is only a short four months away. Lots to do! We have 34 neighborhoods in Liberty Township and we need to have people in each of those neighborhoods ready for the election season where we expect to gain more membership. October and November should be a prime time for us with many people focused on the local political process. Organization building is Job Number One right now but the issues are just as important. There is no doubt that people feel passionate about the issues that are on the table. Cap and Trade, Health Care Reform, "Czar of the Week", Government Spending, State Sovereignty, etc. all of these issues need our attention. We need to develop our plan for addressing the issues, develop teams to work them and then have an action to have our voices heard. So yes, there is much to do. At the same time, it is too much for just the four person's on the organizing committee so that means we need to hang up the "help wanted" sign and find volunteers to step forward to manage some of the many tasks that need to be worked. So the focus of this week's meeting will be in organizing the neighborhoods and enlisting volunteers to work on the many committee's that we need to build this organization. The meeting coming up will be held at a local church simply because it offers a larger meeting space, following this meeting we will move to one of the local schools where the meeting space is more than adequate and the cost to rent the space is very reasonable. In the long term we will look for a more permanent space that may be "donated or loaned" for our meetings. Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets those are our core beliefs. There is no question that our government is getting massively bigger, fiscal responsibility has left the building and Free Markets are under attack. This work is necessary and it is worth it.

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